Are objects in the mirror
closer to reality
than they appear?

It was once believed that a person's reflection in a mirror was actually linked to their soul. Breaking a mirror would, of course, bring bad luck. This superstition about mirrors evolved with the invention the camera - taking a photograph could steal a piece of your soul.


Broken Mirror Films strives to challenge expectations, something reflected in both the content of our films as well as our diverse portfolio. We are inspired by stories of lost and broken characters – those who must overcome not only external, but great personal adversity.

Broken Mirror Films is a company that specializes in creative visual storytelling. We find a balance between creative and commercial interests, while utilizing the latest in digital technology.

We consider ourselves story tellers above all else. Our stories aim to cut through the media frenzy and get noticed. We do this by telling stories that challenge outlooks and opinions.

Broken Mirror Films recognizes that
art cannot be a perfect reflection of life.

Art distorts and shapes reality, providing not an exact mirror image, but a new perspective on the world.



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