Jeremy Lutter
Filmmaker Biography

In 2008, Jeremy Lutter was attending a film festival in the Okanagan where he was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident. Jeremy's taxi was struck by a drunk driver in an SUV. The taxi driver was killed on impact and Jeremy was rushed to hospital in an ambulance where paramedics told him, "You're lucky to be alive."

This near death experience had a huge effect on Jeremy. The bones in his left hand had shattered needing to be rebuilt in surgery. The bones healed but his outlook on life was forever changed. Don’t wait to follow your dreams because life could be shorter than you think. He has made the most of every day since the car accident and made his goal of being a film director the top priority.

Within 2 years, he pitched in front of an audience of two hundred people and three judges at the Whistler Film Festival, winning his first film grant called MPPIA to make a narrative short film called Joanna Makes a Friend. It was a huge success and won several awards including the audience choice award at TIFF Kids.  His films have screened all over the world including Toronto, London, New York, Busan, Chicago, Los Angeles, Paris, Berlin, Portland, Sonoma, Madagascar, and Dubai.

Measuring in at a height of six feet seven inches tall, Jeremy understands the benefit of standing out in a crowd. He has always been is a huge fan of foreign murder mysteries and police procedurals.  He loves well made genre films and has been champion of film and television as art forms of telling original stories that are currently being lost in a sea of remakes and sequels.  He takes inspiration from the iconic Canadian director David Cronenberg for use of practical effects, story telling, and a wide breadth of work. He wants to director exciting projects in Canada. The world of episodic television is an trending setting place. He has directed for Amazon Studios for a series called Annedroids.

Jeremy grew up on an island on the West Coast of Canada and completed his degree in Creative Writing and film studies at University of Victoria and began his career in the motion picture industry as an editor and music video director before his car accident.

Jeremy's debut feature, The Hollow Child, was made with the support of Telefilm Canada, has been an international success, winning awards around the world. The horror film won Best Female Performance twice. First at the Leo Awards (Oscar style awards show in Canada) and then again at its European premiere in Portugal. The film won the grand prize at Feratum Film Festival in Mexico and was nominated for best director and best picture in Las Cruces New Mexico USA.

His directing talent was pushed by his most recent film, We Came From the Sea which is about the struggle of addiction.  The project was funded by the Director’s Guild of Canada through a new award called the Legacy Award meant to help members further their directing craft.  He was the first recipient of this award, having been short listed from a series of applicants and then winning a live pitch last year to make this film.

Jeremy’s work is known for intimate narratives with an element of fantasy. As a director, he has been awarded funding from Bell Media, The Movie Network, Telefilm Canada, Knowledge Network, the Harold Greenberg Fund, the National Screen Institute, Canada Council for the Arts, and the BC Arts Council. His filmography has brought to life a robot best friend, a vicious changeling, and a monster brother to name a few. He has a unique style and Jeremy considers himself a storyteller above all else.   


* Las Cruces Film Festival - 2019 nominated Best Picture and Best Director – "The Hollow Child"
* Feratum Film Festival - Best International Horror Feature 2018– "The Hollow Child"
* Fantasporto Best Female Performance Feature Film 2018– (Jessica McLeod) "The Hollow Child"
* Director Guild of Canada's Legacy Award 2018– "We Came From the Sea"
* Yorkton Film Festival - Nominated Best Short Drama 2017 – "Caw"
* Leo Award Best Female Lead Performance Feature Film 2017 – (Jessica McLeod) "The Hollow Child"
* Nominated for 5 Leo Awards – "The Hollow Child"
* Telefilm Talent to Watch Feature Fund – "The Hollow Child"
* Leo Awards - Nomination Best Short Film 2016 – "Reset"
* Best Narrative Short – Long Beach New York Film Festival 2015 – "Reset"
* Best Director Award – Short Circuit Film Festival 2015 – "Gord's Brother"
* Yorkton Film Festival - Nominated Best Short Drama 2015 – "Gord's Brother"
* Harold Greenberg Fund's Short to Feature 2013 – "Gord's Brother"
* 1st Runner Up Award Hot Shot Shorts Contest 2013– for "Gord's Brother"
* Not Short on Talent at the Cannes Film Festival 2013 – by Telefilm Canada
* NSI Drama Prize 2012 – funding for a short film "Floodplain"
* Brian Linehan Foundation Award 2012 – support for "Floodplain"
* Not Short on Talent at the Cannes Film Festival 2012 – by Telefilm Canada
* TIFF Kids Audience Choice Award 2012 – for "Joanna Makes a Friend"
* Metropol Audience Choice Award (Victoria FIlm Festival) 2012 – for "Joanna Makes a Friend"
* Nominated Best Drama at Yorkton Film Festival 2012 – for "Joanna Makes a Friend"
* MPPIA Short Film Award 2010 – funding for a short film "Joanna Makes A Friend"
* 1st Runner Up Award Hot Shot Shorts Contest 2010– for "Joanna Makes A Friend"
* Leo Awards 2010 – 2 nominations for Best Music Video Award
* M Awards 2009 & 2011 (Monday Magazine) – Favourite Filmmaker
----- voted on by newspaper readers potentially 40,000 households
* Cinevic 48 Hour Film Slam 2009 – Audience Favourite Award
----- voted on by the audience of this film contest
* Cinevic 48 Hour Film Slam 2009 – Runner up Director Award
* Reel to Reel Music Video Competition 2008 – Grand Prize
* Leo Awards 2008 – nomination for Best Music Video Award
* Okanagan Film Festival 2008 & 2009 – Best BC Music Video Award
* No Exit Music Video Festival (New Jersey) 2008 - Best Use of Creativity
* Cinevic 48 Hour Film Slam 2008 – Runner up Best Picture