A young girl, Joanna, is ostracized from kids at school. Lonely, she retreats into the books of HP Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe. Her imagination then comes to life, when Joanna builds herself a robot friend from the odds and ends in her father's garage. Instantly popular, she learns that even those you love the most can turn their backs. This gothic and stylized film explores the desire for love and acceptance we all share.


The writer for this film is one of my oldest friends, Ben Rollo.  We met in grade 8 on the first day of class and it was a new school for both of us. 

In high school we often created videos for class assignments, instead of written reports, which at the time was exceptionally uncommon. 

We both went on to study Creative Writing at the University of Victoria and are excited to be producing this film.   It is a story that I believe will touch the hearts of many.    

The story of Joanna is one of overcoming loneliness.

Most people have dealt with loneliness at some time in their life.  I was raised for the first 10 years of mine as an only child and my parents moved around a lot.  I know firsthand what it is like to start at a new elementary school without any friends.  That familiarity is what drew me to this project.

 - - Jeremy Lutter

Dalila Bela as Joanna

Dalila was born in Montreal, on October 5, 2001. She began talking at 11 months and was speaking in full sentences by the age of 1.

A  much loved activity of hers as a toddler was to impersonate and memorize the lines of her favorite characters on TV.

She started her acting career at the age of 5 and by 6 she did her first Canadian national commercial. After that she moved to Vancouver, BC with her family where she continues to pursue her acting career.

Fred Ewanuick as Phil
(Joanna’s Dad)

Ewanuick stars as Dan in the Gemini award nominated, CTV series, Dan For Mayor. He is also known for playing Hank Yarbo on Corner Gas.   

Recently he starred in the feature film French Immersion which opens in theatres on July 1 2011.